Importance Of A Teacher In The Character Formation Of A Student.

Article is based with the works of a teacher for our society.

Teacher is the second person who can build a great or worst person for the society. He has the power to make his students brilliant or stupid. You all may agreed with me for this. Teachers have capable to make a  dull student to a great citizen. We all may aware about that it may be a big order but, the teachers should do what he/she wanted to be can.

Teachers should be teach their students that all men are not just false and all men are not just true.  The teachers have capable to teach their pupils many things like as:-

A) For every scoundrel there is a hero.
B) For every selfish politician there is a dedicated leader. and
C) For every enemy there is a friend.

The teacher should keep the pupils away from the envy and can able to teach them the secret of quiet laughter. Their child should learn that bullies are the easiest to defeat. The teachers should teach them the wonder of books. The teachers should give them quiet time to think about the mysteries and the wonders of the nature:- the birds in the sky, the bees in the sun and the flowers on a green hillside.

The teachers should teach their students that it is more honourable to fail than cheat. The students should have faith with their own ideas, even if all the people tell them that their ideas are wrong. The teachers should teach their students to be gentle with gentle people and to be tough with the tough people.

The teachers should try to their best to give their students the strength not to follow the crowd. They should be taught to listen to all men, but they should learn to differentiate truth from falsehood. they should taught to laugh when they are sad and let them know that there is no shame in tears. They should be taught to laugh at the cynics and to be careful about people who show too much sweetness.

The teachers should teach them to sell their physical and mental abilities to the one who pays most. But, they should never sell their own heart,soul,value and ethics by any cost. They should learn to close their ears to the shouts of the crowds and fight if they think they are right. They want the teachers should be treat the pupils as their own child. But, they should be pampered too much because, like steel becomes strong only when it is put in fire, a man becomes strong only when he faces difficulties.

They should be taught to have the courage to be impatient. They should also learn to have patience to be brave. They should have faith with themselves because only then they will have faith in mankind. The teachers should do what they can.  The students are the fine fellow and they hope they will turn to be the nice citizens with the learning they are going to receive.

According to me the teachers are the second pillar who helped to build the child’s characteristic. They can able to provide good citizen to the country or the bad ones. You all may get some idea about the work of the teachers. They are the fellows who should laid you down or up. Please, like comment and share this valuable topic. Thanks.

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