How Important of Parents’ Relationship For Children’s Betterment?

Hello Friends, I already wrote on my previous Articles about the power of parents blessing in our life. How their blessing is helping for our betterment? Many of my friends are agreed with me about that and comments on the articles a lot. So, I am glad to that and getting inspiration for writing my Articles more. Today, I am going to write about the parents’ curse that is Abhishap. How it is hampering in a person’s life? How it is prohibited once development? How can once life spoiled because of that? Therefore, I request all of you please, spends sometime here and get the reality of curse of parents.

There are thousands and millions of person who most be know about the hampering of parents curse. Once, you are getting curse from your parents, nobody can save you from your down fall. Parents are not giving their children the blight(Abhishap) even if a major mistake. They can bearing their children’s even if they did many mistakes. They forgive their children very fast. Even if they are not remembering a minor mistakes of their children. They are bearing capacity is not  expressible. And many more qualities are possessing by your parents.

Instead of those, sometimes parents is not forgiving their children and gives blight to their children. That blight is enough for a person’s down fall. The person who get his/her parents curse, no power is saving from that. Gods are not staying inside a temple, they are present in this world through our parents. I like to informed all of you should not needs to go temples for worshiping GODS and gaining their blessings instead of that you all most bend yourselves in front of your parents. Inside a temples you get the ideals of Gods whom you never seen in your life. But, you have the live gods present in your homes. Do not underestimates them. They have the power to give you all that things that you all wanted in your life.

Parents blessing is helping you going up and up, where as their blight is enough for going down and down. In my next Articles I like to provides many examples for supporting my topic. You may believe me or not that’s the truth of this world that we get GOD in our home but we are searching them inside the Temples,inside a Mas-zit,or inside church etc. To be continue:-

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