How Important of Parents Relationship For Children’s Betterment?

Yesterday, I wrote in my article about the negative effect of parents’ curse in our life. I am going to describe about that. How our parents’ tear bring us down? How their blight make us life less person? You may get numbers of examples about these in your neighbors. In this modern age people are not obeying their parents. They are not even if giving their due respect to their parents. Many are not agreeing to live with their parents. Because of some persons’ nasty mind-set our society get fully affected. That hampering our society as well as our country’s betterment. I request you all about that you should spends sometime here and trying to understand reality of our parents situations of living.

I am providing an example here, how a person’s parents’ tear made him life less human and finally died because of that. A person named Prem was living in our village. His father was died before he was born. His mother loved him very much and also made him a good person. He was a teacher. After sometime when he was man of growing enough his mother married him. His wife was very bad lady. She never liked her mother-in-law. She started touching her everyday. Her son also obey to his wife instead of obeying his mother. Sometimes he also beat his mother. His mother was crying many times. After someday, that man was affected with such a disease that no doctor is able to recognized that. He was slowly and gradually affected by the disease. He was totally engulf by the disease and not able to talking.

The man was died before his early age of 50. He was died because of his bad did with his mother. The man was setting a bad example for us. We get a lesson from the above example. So, I request all of my friends be serious about your parents and trying to make them happy. If they are living happily with us they blessing us and our home become a heaven for us. There is no entry of sorrows or signs. Simultaneously, the homes where parents are crying and unhappy those homes becomes hails in this beautiful earth. To be continuing:-




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