How Important of Parents Relationship For Children’s Betterment?

Hello Friends, today I am  going to continue my previous topic. Please, you all spends your some valuable time here and read the article. These articles are not copied from any others sources instead these are the reality of our society. Which things happened in our society and our locality where we all stay, the topics contains about that. These are the purely observed contains.  Every one most aware about the modern age people and their attitude towards their parents. I want to write about truth of the relationship among the children with their parents.

Now a days maximum numbers of people spends the busiest time in their life. They have lot of work loads, lot of responsibilities,lots of burden etc.etc. Every where they get high competitions and high life styles. Because of all those, they forgot about their actual duty towards their parents. They are not worried about their age old parents. They always want to luxurious life for their children as well as for themselves. By doing these things they are not feeling any shame. They are trying to maintain their own life style. So, they neg-late their parents.

Some of the children are not feeling shame to left their parents in old age houses(Bridha Ashrams). Parents are not objecting their children for doing so. They are not happy to stay away from their nearer and dearer. Some of such parents are silently crying over their children’s behavior. But, they are not complaining against their children.

I like to make all of you aware about the truth that will waiting for you. As you sown , you should harvest like that.(jai si karni wai si bharni). You all may know about that but, you all again do that mistakes as your parents did with their parents. Please, one generation forgive their previous one, then our bad picture and bad did may stop from our society in near future.

I already wrote maximum times about the good effects of parents blessing and bad effects of their blight. So, I am not going to repeat that again. But, I like to write about how to maintain your parents in your house. If you are a married man, then told your wife about the goodness and sacrifice did by your parents for you.Thanks all of you as being my friends here. To be continue:-




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