How Important of Parents Relationship For Children’s Betterment?

Yesterday I wrote an over view relationships with people whom we all connected with. Today, I like to write about the relations which we possesses before our born. You all obviously getting a hints about whom I going to write my today’s topic. You all are correct. I am going to write about the relationships between parents and us. How it is helpful for our betterment?

The relationships we possesses with our parents is most valuable. We get this from then, even if we are not able to see this world. They love us, then when they are not even see us. They like us when they are unable to know who we are for them. They hopeful for us even if we present in Mother’s womb. Are you realize that how much our parents love us even if we are not born. Their love is unconditional, their affection is price less, their sacrification is  not comparable to others and so on. 

Our relationship with our parents is auspicious. Their love and affections are unconditional. Their present with us is heavenly realization. Someone who loves his/her parents can realize that in his/her life. Their blessing is most powerful sword that can able to protects from any harms. They can forgive us even if we do numbers of harm for them. They always wants their children are best gift by GOD in their life. Parental relationship is over all relationship present in this world. There are many conditions required to continue other relationships instead of parental relationship.

As our parents is most powerful to us why we discarded them from our life. This is because we all are unaware about that supreme power. Who knows about the power of them,they can obey their parents and can able to get a great result in their life. We all have GOD in our own house, till we go to temples for worshiping there. Who obey and touches their parents feet at morning and evening, they are not needed to go temples. Ultimately such type of children got blessing from GOD. How more you bent in front of your parents, that much you go ahead in your life. There is no power to compare with your parents blessing. I request you all stay with me I can write reality of the relationships parents and their children. To be continuing:-


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