Important Of Proper Relationship With Our Teachers.

Here I like to write  our relationships with different people whom we contact during our life. Among them a relationships with our teacher is the most valuable relationships. I like to dedicate this article to my teachers who make my life phosphorous, pious, auspicious, valuable,lovable,friendly,manageable and so on. Their blessings make me stand upright in this world. Their help make me a successful person in this world. In my words I unable to describe all about that I gain from my life. I hope you all  like this article very much and love to spends five minutes here.

Pupils who really love their Gurus too much, for them all hard works becomes easier. If you all time, ready for obeying your teachers words then there would no obstacles in your life. Where you go, you able to get success in your life. Their love and their blessings are most valuable things for us to stand upright in this competitive world. After parents, the Gurus are the real heroes for our life. They are playing a vital role for making us a successful person. They are loving their beloved students too much. You can’t compare with that to any others.

We required nothing to get our Gurus’ blessing instead of we only required to respect them. Our respect to our teachers making us a successful person in this world. If you did some wrongs with your Guru, then you go forward and beg pa darn for your did, you can forgive by him/her immediately. Their hearts are full with love,blessing and so on for their pupils.

Now a days the pupils are not like to obeying their Gurus. They are making their own life full of tragedies. They are facing a lots of problems in their real life. The pupil who do not like to obey his/her teacher’s words, his/her life is always enter into a dark world. We need a simple work for obeying our Gurus and we received a lots of successful life. They are blessings help you where you like to go. Because of lacuna of showing a respect to our Gurus we indirectly lost our way of success. Here I like to provide many real life examples about my topic. You like to make yourselves aware about that. It most required for your betterment in your life. To be continue:-


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