Where Is India After Covering 69 Years Of Republic Day?

Wishing All Of You Happy REPUBLIC Day.

Today,we are observing 69th Republic Day. You may all aware about that. But, I am going to write a over view of the country’s position in the world. You all most keep presence for this topic and trying to read from starting to end. You may be know a glance of reality of the India here. If anything wrong then you most comment on the article or write in my messenger.

It is no doubt our India is developing in economically, technically, but have you ever see it’s reality. Actually Values and Ethics of Indians. You may get lacuna in the Humanity among the Indian. We forget our own valuable culture. We lost our own Values and Ethics. Our culture is great one among the world’s but, we are not admire that. We follow others. We never mind to capturing other’s culture. Our real values we forget. Our ancestors who put our country above all but, we laid down and are not be shame for that.

In Indian family we first learnt from our parents or grand parents. But, now a days we underestimate them. Never, bow our heads in front of the elders. Now, father and son drinks together,but never mind for that. Father is not satisfying with himself as well as the son. Father never learning good humanity, how he past to his next generation? If you would trying to find yourselves where you are now, you may get a nasty place for your real position. You just put yourselves the reality of you. You never obey your parents and your generation to you that’s passing out and our beautiful culture get spoiled.

We always running behind the money,power or the beauty. For getting those,we are running behind and losing ourselves. You may agreed with me or not, these are the reality of our country. People, who are already married and blessed with a good family,never mind to miss used their own personality by sending band videos or posters to the lady friends.

You may aware about the social media,where father wanted to make friends with that girls whom the sons are. Sons are may afraid of any harmful situations may hampering their life but fathers are never mind for that. Aged fellow make friends and sending nasty and band videos to the ladies. I am also experienced about the situations. Such a people are shame for our country and also for families from which they belongs to. These people spoiled themselves as well as spoiled our values and ethics.

Educational value also gradually lowered. Here, good students are not liking to get a teacher-ship. If you asked anyone what’s his/her aim to be,they most answered either be a doctor or an engineer. If our mind-set continue this way, then you realized that in our near future,we also unable to producing the real doctors or engineers. If there is lack of good teachers, who teaches our children? You all may agreed with my views or not, these are the truth of the country.

From now,if we all are not worrying about the situations,after some years may we lost everything that we have now. Social medias are the lots of beneficial sides hence,never miss used it. You all most be aware of the situations first and make your off-springs for that. You most respect your parents and grand parents,it automatically passes out to your generation. First, you changed your life style then your son follows you. Because, of some bad persons, our whole country blamed. Please, stop that and make us proud as we are Indian. Many abroad people blame us because of some people who never mind to teasing them.

I hope you all understanding me and trying to save our values and ethics for which we are always be proud and be the Human being. Please, share and comment on it. Thanks.

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