Why We learn Present Continuous Tenses?

I already wrote about present indefinite tense. How it is useful in our day to day life? Also where you use them i.e. applications of this tense. You all should required to know about present continuous tense. This tense is vital for presenting your current situations. You most learn it for your betterment.

Why this tense is called present continuous? This tense is called present continuous because, it express the current position of the subject. Here we add present participle to am,is or are and main verb carries “ing”.

For your kind information, “am” is used in first person singular number,where as “is” is used in third person singular number and “are” is used in plural form of first person, second person and plural form of third person.

Simple way to writing the present continuous tense? Here I am like to write the simplest way to learning present continuous tense, as I wrote the simple present tense. This simple way help you to learn this tense more effectively than you learn before. You most try for it and get the result yourself. The present continuous tense is written as following table:-

Present Continuous Tense:-Subject+am/is/are+main verb+ing+object.

Affirmative Sentences

First Person Second Person Third Person

I am going to office.

We are playing cricket.

You are reading in the school.

S/he or it is running to the home.

They are jumping into the river.

Negative Sentences:- Here I am adding not after the helping verbs i.e. subject+am/is/are+not+main verb+ing+object.

First Person Second Person Third Person

I am not going to office today.

We are not playing cricket now.

You are not reading in the school.

S/he or it is not running to the home.

They are not jumping in the river.

Interrogative Sentences:-positive Am/is/are+subject+main verb+ing+object.

First Person Second Person Third Person

Am I going to office?

Are we playing cricket now?

Are you reading in this school?

Is s/he or it singing a song?

Are they reading a book?

Negative Interrogative Sentences:-Helping verbs+subject+not+main verb+ing+object

First Person Second Person Third Person

Am I not going to market?

Are we not dancing?

Are you not playing cricket?

Is s/he or it not cooking food?

Are they not making a party?

I hope this format helping you all for learning easily the present continuous tense. You can handle this method yourselves by giving a little effort of it. Please, you all should apply this simple way to gain your tense. You all are not forgetting to like this,comment on this and share among your friends. Thanks all of you a lot as being my part of my life.

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