Love Marriage: Is Helpful For Our Betterment?

Marriage is made in Heaven. Every person may be aware about this line. If you are trying to your little beat effort, you can able to know about that line. Actually, the line is all time acceptable. There are crore of persons present in this world, but why we choose one among them? I request all of you please, just put a little effort for my article, why we choose one of our friends as the best among all. Why we feel something special for a one man only? Why we are dedicating for a single man only? You all may understand what I am going to writing here.

Marriage means meeting of two unknown persons; this line is for our old generations. They said two people most get loved after marriage. They believed¬† this because of their fore father’s did so. They are obeying their own parents and forcefully followed their rules and regulations also. Maximum times they loggerhead with each other. Sometimes they also forcefully lived with dissatisfaction. The men or women were very shying to said about their sorrows to others. They were living with many unhappiness and also lots of problems. I am not going to blaming our ethics and believes. But, try to understand the reality of the society.

There were many cases, people were living very pleasant life by the getting their spouse by the choice of their parents or relatives also. They were living a long life with happy marriage life. Here, the people were not dis-obeyed their parents. They were believing their parents greatly and trying to get satisfaction in their life with each other.

If anything was going wrong, they were immediately blaming their own parents or the relatives. They never believed that; line “the marriage is made in heaven” for that case. They never mind to quarreled with their keens also. In case of arrange marriage; the person has a choice to blaming someone else for their own failure. They never get satisfaction throughout their life. Instead of blaming others; nothing left in his/her life.

Because of all above problems, we most like to getting love marriage. The person never trying to blaming others. She/he is trying to manage everything or every odd happens in her/his life to short out herself/himself. The parents and relatives are not hampering unnecessarily to their life. The both cab able to making their life smooth. They are believing each other. They both also dedicating with each other.

There are many cases where love marriage also not working properly like as arranged marriage. You may be knowing many times about that. There are lots of loggerhead between them also. So, the marriage is not working for long time. But, in that case the boy or the girl never blaming their parents. You may all knowing about this type of situations. They both are trying to manage their own cases.

Many times the boys and the girls are knowing properly before getting a love marriage. Their family also meting with each other with their guys. In that case, both family are satisfying with their children’s choice and trying to short out the problems. Both are enjoying their life and managing the get up and up in their life. In that case no one blaming to none. Hence, life is smooth instead of getting tragedy or drama or delimas in the families or between both of the couples.

Therefore, according to me both love com arrange marriage is playing a cross role for betterment of a persons’ life. You all may understanding me and my article also. Please, like,share and comment on it. Thanks.

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