How We Maintain Our Relationship With Our Mother For Our Betterment?

Today, I am going to write about the Relationships with our mother. I hope you all love your mothers, there is no doubt  about that. Everyone loves their mother much more than themselves. In this selfish world, mother is a someone who is doing all her works without any wants. She loves her child very much. She does not want any due for her sacrification. There is no-one who can able to write all that things about her/his mother. I am like to write about her a little bit here. I  hope you all are agree with me about that. So, please, You all spend only five minutes here and know something more about your mother.

Who is Mother? The lady who sacrifice her life, her beauty,her other relations,her ambitions and so on is called mother or Mum or Maa. No-one compare with her. Her loves is unconditional. Her beauty is uncharitable,her affections to her child is incomparable. The mother is that lady who can gives her food to her child and go to bed with empty stomach. Mother is that lady who spends her whole night without sleep. Maa is that lady whose affections shows purity. No-one is able describe really her/his mother. So, how can I?

In this selfish world Maa is only one who never has any selfishness for her child. She always wants her child’s betterment without any wants. She prayed for her child,she does fast for her child’s betterment, she go to temple for her child’s good health,she fights with others for her child’s side,she protect her child against all evil powers and so on. You all may realize it any day at any time for that.

Your Maa do uncountable numbers of good things for you and your betterment. What is your duty for your mother? I know all children are loving her/his mother very much. Instead of that I also like to make you aware about some of your duties about your mother. If you like please, touch her feet every day twice i.e. at morning as well as at evening. When you got time sit with your mother for sometimes. Ask about her health,about her personal life. You also say to her how much you love to her and how much you want her in your life. Also make aware her about your job,your business,your married life. Make her realize that without her you can not survive. To be continue:-



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