Why May is Important Month For Us?

Today, I am going to write about month May. You all most know, May is the fifth month. In ancient time,in this month people feels spring season. But, now a days we feels unbearable heat. Temperature rises up 37 degree celcius or more. No, spring is appearing more because of global warming. Everyone most aware about it.

This month’s aim is to increase awareness among the local people about their history. It also like to promote history among the local people and the local community. It also encourages all community of the local people.

Why May Day start? On May-1,1886,more than three lakh workers from more than thirteen thousands business centers across the United States walked of their jobs in this day. Around forty thousands or above workers went out on strike against their owners for coming to the public eyes. From that day’s the May Day or Labor Day stated.

The important days of May are describe in the following table:-

Days of the May Why they Important.

May Day.

International Labor Day.

USA Law Day.

Loyalty Day.

Maharashtra Day.

2-May. World Asthma Day.

World Press Freedom Day.

International Energy Saving Day.

4-May. International Firefighters’ Day.
5-May. International Midwives Day.
6-May. World Naked Gardening Day.

World Athletics Day-IAAF

World Laughter Day.


Mother’s Day.

World Red Cross Day.

8-15 May. Global Road Safety Day.
11-May. National Technology Day.
12-May. International Nurses Day.

World’s Trade Fair Day.

World’s Migratory Birds Day.

15-May. International Families Day.

 World Telecommunications Day.

World Information Society Day.


World Cultural Development Day.

Anti-Terrorism Day.

22-May. World Turtle Day.
24-May. Commonwealth Day.
29-May. International Peacekeepers Day(United Nations).
31-May. World No Tobacco Day.

These articles are very crucial and information carrying lots about the different months of the year. I hope these are very important to all of you for going to appear in any competitive examinations. It may be helpful for your keens. So, share the articles among your friends. Comment me also.

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