Motivation; Effect Of Motivation In Betterment.

There are numbers of factors affecting the human behavior in different ways. Like as the Motivation is playing a vital role in the human’s life. So, I like to writing here about the motivation and how works in our day-to-day life. Types of motivations and how we motivate others and ourselves also. Major concept about motivations and also theories related with motivations,I provide them here also.

What Is Motivation?  Before entering into the topic we must know what is it? Motivation is defined as the “hypothetical process inferred from certain changes in responses taking place as a consequence of certain changes in the stimulus conditions. The responses aspects from which changes in motivations are inferred including changes in tensions or activity level and the performance.

Motivation involves forces which mobilize our activities and channelize them those directions which help in accomplishing goals. When a person is motivated, he/she possess latent energy or drive which is potentially available for an efficient effort. As soon as such  a drive condition is initiated in a particular direction or towards a specific goal, it is called a motive for behavior. This energy is in the passive form and remains as such until a channel is found to release and suitably direct it.

How many types of Motivations? There are three types of motivations. 1) General types of Motivation, 2) Physiological motivation and 3) Socio-psychological Motivation. In general motivation: here motivators are generally adults. It motivates in small segments. Here parents,teachers or friend are playing vital role. The second types of motivation is also called primary types of motivation. It learnt by the person by absorbing from others behavior. In case of third types of motivation: it is not immediate effect motives where as it influences the behavior from early ages. Here, the person gets motivates from society, based on survey.

Motivation is a basic process where different biological needs push or drive to the individual to actions aimed at satisfaction of these need. For achieving motivation people follows others. It is the desire to succeed in competitive situations based on a standard of excellence determined by others or by own preceding standards.

Power of Motivation: A desire to affect the behavior of other individuals and to control and manipulate the surroundings. It becomes strong among the people who feel themselves to be inadequate to achieve respect and recognition from others. The power motivations have such a power that,the possess people may emerge as successful leaders or alcoholic person.

Affiliation Motivations: It is a desire to interact with other people to be liked by them. Here the person seeks affiliation with those who are exposed to identical situations. Here, people wants good company, good family life and popularity among the group. The person who possess such types of motivation are relation oriented, warm, friendly and very supportive to others.

We all should motivated others and motivate to other. Both are required to all persons. So, this is a simultaneous effect. For others requirement we provide it to them and for our requirement we acquire from them. Please, read the article and like,share and comment on it. Thanks

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