One Word Substitution In Place Of Many.

We always facing many unnecessary sentences for using our English. Without using full sentences or phases we can replaced it with a single word. That will be helping you all a lot for gaining knowledge for using your effective and valuable vocabulary power. Just practice these one word substitution. Your practice make you a perfect about your English knowledge. People who oriented about their English,for them this article is very vital. Just remembering those one word substitution and used them in your life and become the smart one in your language. There are numbers of phases and their substitutions also provided below.

Phases or sentences One word substitutions.
1. One who knows many Languages.
2. A person who lives at the same time as another.
3. Being present everywhere.
4. Being all powerful.
5. One who knows everything.
6. Beyond making a mistake.
7. One who eats human flesh.
8. One who looks at the bright side of things.
9. One who looks at the dark side of the things.
10. A person sent on a mission.
11. Being unable to pay one’s debts.
12. Having an evil reputation.
13. One who leaves his country to settle else where.
14. A speech made without preparation.
15. Prohibited by law.
16. One who hates mankind.
17. One who believes in fate.
18. Murder of a king.
19. A language that is no longer spoken.
20. A paper written by hand.
21. Property inherited from one’s father.
22. Taking of one’s own life.
23. Subject to death.
24. Resulting in death.
25. Murder of a new-born infant.
26. One who walks on foot.
27. One who has belief in the presence of God.
28. One who has not any belief on the presence of God.
29. One who loves his country.
30. A child whose parents are dead.
1. Linguist.
2. Contemporary.
3. Omnipresent.
4. Omnipotent.
5. Omniscient.
6. Infallible.
7. Cannibal.
8. Optimist
9. Pessimist.
10. Emissary.
11. Insolvent.
12. Notorious.
13. Emigrant.
14. Extempore.
15. Illicit.
16. Misanthropist.
17. Fatalist.
18. Regicide.
19. Dead.
20. Manuscript.
21. Patrimony.
22. Suicide.
23. Mortal.
24. Fatal or Mortal.
25. Infanticide.
26. Pedestrian.
27. Theist.
28. Atheist.
29. Patriot.
30. Orphan.

Fantastic article for improving all your vocabulary power. Just practice the one word substitution and know the magical effect of your personality. This article can manage your improving personality. Just required to remembering it and used it in your day-to-day life. Share among your friends also. This type of questions also asked in competitive examinations. There are vast using of these words. Comment,share and like me. Thanks.

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