Overview Angular2

Angular2 is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. Developers of Google were build it. In these tutorial we learn how to setup Angular2  framework in your computer/laptop.

  1. NPM: First we need node package manager used as open source repositories for the work. Angular Framework depends on other component dependency and node provide these dependency to run the Angular.
  2. GIT: Git used for the download sample source code from the angular website to start.
  3. EDITOR: In market you can find lots of editors for the angular which are framework supporting like Visual Studio code and Web-storm. From that  Visual Studio code is free editor provided by the Microsoft.

How to Install NPM in your machine:

  1. To Install npm first we need go there official website to download npm.
    After open site nee to go the section “Get started with npm”.
  2. After Click on the “Get started with npm” it redirect to download page.

    Select your configuration of the machine and download package.
  3. After download click on the installation it open the below screen.

    Click on the next then display below step to accept terms & privacy

    After select terms agreement click on the next.

    Select which location you need to install nodejs then click on the next

    Select Node.js runtime then click on the Next button to install the package after 30 sec to 1 min it install these package and display the success page.

    Click on the finish button to close these installation. After successfully install now open command promote to check the npm version info.

    In command prompt write “npm version” it will display the versions of each module.If you want tot check only npm version then “npm -v”. In next tutorial we discuss on how to install Visual Studio code & Git installations.


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