Part:-8; Adjectives: Where We Used This For Our Betterment?

There were many articles publishing by me on adjectives, I hope you all may gain a lots of knowledge about the adjectives. The uses of the adjectives are playing the vital role in our life. so, we most required to know about them in details. You all may agreed with me for that point of view. If you would able to gain benefits from my articles, that is the price for my hard work. I have been taking many years for collecting them, but you all are able to gaining them within an hour. Therefore, for your betterment, please read and apply them in your life. Also helping your friends and keens also.

On my previous articles, I was providing many uses of the common adjectives. Here, I am going to writing them from where I left them.

11. (a) Less denotes in a small degree
(b) Fewer denotes the number.
Examples:- (i) Om spent a less time for his study.
(ii) He has no less than five buildings in this town.
(iii) There are no fewer than hundred students in this coaching center.
(iv) There are no fewer than forty boys in this class.

12. (a) Each is used for a single number of ‘two persons or things’.
(b) Every is used for single number of ‘many persons of things’.

Examples:- (i) Each of my students get first class in the examinations.
(ii) It rained each day last week.
(iii) Priya comes to me every day.
(iv) Every man dies one day.

13. (a) Oral means “words from mouth”.
(b) Verbal means “concerned with words”.

Examples:- (i) I sent to him an oral massage.
(ii) There is not much verbal difference between the two words.

14. (a) Either means one of the two.
(b) Neither is the negative form of either.

Following examples are helping you all for understanding the both of the words.
(i) You may choose either of these two boys.
(ii) Neither of them are speaking on the stage.

15. (a) Sick means “slight indisposition”.
(b) Ill means “unwell”

Following examples are he;ping you to understanding the both of the words.

Examples:- (i) Today, I am feeling sick.
(ii) He has been ill from the last five days.

16. (a) Enough is used with both singular and plural numbers. It conveys the sense of “sufficient”.    
Examples:- (i) There is enough water in the canal.
(ii) There are enough trees in the garden.
(iii) She has enough knowledge to capturing mathematics. etc.

17. (a) Nearest which expresses the “distance”.
(b) Next expresses “position”.

Following examples are helping to understand them.

Examples:- (i) Tanvi leaves nearest to me.
(ii) Dhruvi to sitting next to me.

18. (a) Later expresses “late in time”.
(b) Latter means “second in position or order”.
(c) Latest means “time”
(d) Last means “final in position or order”.

Following examples are helping you more about the above words to understanding.

Examples:- (i) My husband reached his office later than I expected.
(ii) The latter position is the better than the former.
(iii) What is the latest news today?
(iv) He was the first to come and last to go. To be continue:-

The grammars which are I am providing here are very useful. So, trying to understanding them and using them in your day today life. Also share among your friends and providing your child, brother or sister who may deeded them very much. Thanks

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