Why Pens Are Crying but, Guns Are Laughing?

On my previous article I was trying to put my views about my topic. That was vastly accepted by maximum numbers of people in the world wide. Those situations are affecting our society,my articles are based about that. You are force to admit the reality of the present situations of our society. You all are the experienced about the fact but,nobody trying to solved the matter. Here, I want to make all of you a little beat awareness about the situations and the truth of the social animals that is Human being.

The person who has one head,two hands and two legs etc. are not really called the human beings. According to me, the person who has all body parts present or not but,possesses a good humanity called human being. The day will come when the pens are most be over power to the guns. Keep patience and trying to change yourselves first and then your surrounding. It will helps a lot for making pens powerful.

The pupils having lack of Ethics and Values,spoil their life every where he/she may enter. They shows their gun power in the examination center and gets marks which is not appropriate for them. Now, they enter into the society for making people under their control. Such persons are always showing their over-power to the people who are well-educated and possesses good human quality. The pens here crying to save themselves from the gun. But, guns are so over-power than pens that,they are easily suppressed the pens. Gentile people with great humanity are unable to stand in front of the giant with gun.

These are the world-wide problems now. Guns easily make a gang among them and fight against the pens. But,the pens are not able to so,and suppressed by the guns. Why pens are crying you may question about it to me? I like to informed all about that,just keep patience here and trying to read the articles. Now a days generally pens are spending lots of amount for their study and providing bribe for getting a prestigious and high profile job and luxurious life. For getting back that amount,the pens are trying to their best as soon as possible. So, they are starting to getting the bribes from the guns and guns are getting the weakness of the pens. Once, your weakness gaining by the bad people,they always trying to harm with that point. So, be careful about that. Never shows your weakness to the guns. They can easily suppressed you with that point.

Now guns are trying to control the world. They never mind for any-body’s life or death. They can live for themselves only. The society and the pens are never trying to fight with that power. To be continue:-

You should open the link and know the reality about the society where we live.
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