Why Pens Are Crying but, Guns Are Laughing?

This topic is based on real situations of our society. You all may be realized it in your day to day life. But,no-one trying to save the PENS,because of the fearing of the GUNS. Every single day became hard for living peacefully for pens because of fearing of guns. Now days gun-power is the supreme power among all powers. You all may crying for saving the pens from the fear of guns, but you are also suppressed by the power of guns.

You all may heard a people’s word; ” pen is the mightier than gun“. But, this line may get wrong now a days. Every educated and polite people now fearing the devil powers. The educated people crying because of the power of the Gunda Raj. Where ever you go, there you most see this power of guns. Gentle people are fearing from the devil powers and their bad behaviors.

Students are not putting their keen interest to achieve their marks fairly. They are bringing guns to the class-room or examination times for fearing their teachers. You may heard about the situations where students shoot out their teachers in the schools. These matters are common now a days. Students are not obedient at all. They are not oriented about their study,instead of trying to unfair way to get more and more marks.

These things are taking place because of lack of ethics and values of the child. Child born with getting a gun for playing instead of a pen or a doll. They put their keen interest towards the guns. Parents is not teaching them about the bad hampering of the guns and good things about the power of pens. Some parents may trying to saving their children from that, but when the child go out of the home find gun power in it’s neighbors, the child is easily attracted by the gun power and showing it’s keen interest for the guns. When some of the parents is trying to save their children from that negative power,some where may also lost their own life by protecting their child from the evils.

The gun is over power to the pen now. The students-teacher and the parents-child relationships get spoiled already. Now they are entering into the college. Their bad habits are so superior now, that they are affected by the bad things. The pupils are never putting their interest for study also. Hence, they are totally spoil their life in front of the gun. They met the politics there,and some humanity if present within them, that also get spoils because of suppressed power of the guns. No, professors,no principals are able to save them from their bad habits. To be continue:-

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