Is Populations Explosion Boons for Our Country?-3

Hello, friends you most be pessimistic about anything. That what ever may be. The things that available with you most use that proper way. That means a lot for your developments. The things that is not with you don’t worry about that. I am trying to make all of you the aware about the BOONS of our country’s populations explosion. Till now I already writes many positive sides of the topic. I promise you all, about the more points I most put here for the boons of populations explosion. So, I like to continue that. Please, keep presence and trying to read it. Your presence and contributions is lots for me.

Boosting with Innovative Ideas: In my yesterday Article, I wrote about the competitions happened because of the populations explosion. That competitions also help people to create innovative ideas for existing with the large people. Some of the people becomes scientist for creating new things for us. Some of the people are shining more than before because of that cut throat competitions. Many are manage with situations and trying to do their own business without trying for jobs. There are new types of methods applied in our Agriculture. It leads to boosting our country’s food productions. Some where we may manage to control ourselves by producing more foods. All these possible because of more populations.

Again I trying to make you all convey about that more Taxes are collecting because of more populations. Maximum numbers of foreigners trying to invest their money here only because of getting cheap man powers. More harvesting fields are created because of populations explosions. Increasing in labor market increasing the populations, it ensures increasing in the labor force. If you are trying to counting the positive effects of our country’s populations, you would get uncountable numbers of causes. So, be hopeful with your man power. Don’t feel sorry because of the populations explosions. If I got chance again I most write many many more positive effects of our growing populations explosion.



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