Questions Helping You For Knowing More About The Past Perfect Tense.

Here, I already wrote about past perfect tense and where you are using this tense for your day today life. Today, I am going to write about the questions which are based on the past perfect tense. That questions are helping you all for knowing more about the tense and uses in your life. Spend your some valuable time for it and solve the questions for your self valuations.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct form of the tense that are providing in the brackets.

1. I_________to Kolkata last year.(visit)
2. The bus __________the station before I reached there. (left)
3. _________she_____to you ever before. (visit)
4. _________the police________before the thief escaped?(arrive)
5. He______not__________you never before. (see)
6. When my brother came to me, I________the work. (finish)
7. The match_____________before he reached the ground. (begin)
8. I ___________already_______my job. (finish)
9. I____not_________him since I left the house. (call)
10. I wish he ___________the examination. (appear)

11. My friend_____________for me until I arrived to him. (wait)
12. Gita____not__________the book before.(read)
13. They__________already _________their lunch. (take)
14. If Om________for the examination he would not have failed. (prepare)
15. If you________ Gayatry,she would have got first division. (help)
16. The rain__________when we stepped out of the hall. (stop)
17. Narendra wish,he__________the election. (win)
18. After Calambous __________many days the ship reached the coast. (sail)
19. He_________his dinner when the telephone rang.(take)
20. The patient__________before the doctor arrived the Hospital. (arrive)

Answers:-1. had,visited 2.had,left 3.had,visited 4. had,arrived 5.had,seen 6.had,finished 7. had,begun 8. had,finished 9. had,called 10. had,appeared etc. other questions you try yourself for your betterment.

Practice the questions yourself first the matching the answers with the answers providing below. Please, share and comment on the article. This will helped you a lot for gaining and improving your writing English as well as the speaking practice. Thanks.

This article helping you a lot for knowing more about your past perfect tense.
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