Is really 14th February a Love Day?

During February, the spring season is continuing. The spring season is knowing as the season of breeding. Maximum living beings breed in this season. This season is blessed with good atmosphere as well as prosperity. Every living being feels happy during this season. The happiness brings a lots of love and affection with it. Therefore,all living beings are trying to meting each other and increasing their own family. So, the month February is symbolize as the month of love. We just enjoying this month with great happiness and auspicious feelings.

According to me, love means a heavenly feeling that we feels internally for our family. We love to our parents, spouses, brothers, sisters so on. Every one should realized that in their life. Not a single person is in our life whom we love only. You may feel that auspicious feelings for your family members also. We never mind to show our love to animals,birds, plants etc. Actually we all bound with each other because of that auspicious feeling.

Just a simple example can helping you to knowing about that auspicious feeling. If you would have animals in your house,and you loved them too much. Then they are feeling lots of love for you and playing happily in your house. If there are plants in your garden, you just visit there everyday and touch them with great love and affection, they would providing you a lots of flowers and fruits to you also. The plants and the animals can able to feel your affection and leaving with joy and providing the maximum of their product to you. Just do that with your pet animals and plants and see the result.

According to me for love,we need not required a particular day or date. Throughout the year,we show our harassment to our beloved one or what? So, why we choose a particular date to show our love to our beloved one? Throughout the year, you can show it to your beloved one. Every moment you can feel this heavenly affection to your beloved one.

Again I am liking to informing all of you that, the person who really loved you,never required a particular date. He/She never trying to show his/her love in the public places. So, be aware about the conditions. If someone trying to shows that in front of public place,that means he/she never loved you. The beloved person always trying to protect his/her love from the public. So, be careful about the true love and fake one.

Loving someone means very good and auspicious feeling to others. Therefore, be positive if someone telling you, that he/she loves you. Say to him or her thanks because of her/his love. I hope you may get the real meaning of love and trying to show to your beloved one. You also understand your true love and fake one.

We should observed the 14th February, as the death anniversary of our beloved and great leader, Bhagat Singh, Jai Raj Guru and Sukudev, who were hanged in this date in the Lahore because of love for their country. Actually we discarded from that because of the young people who showing their love to girl friend or boy friend. Please, stop that showing in the garden or in the movie halls or in the hotels or any where in the public places. Instead of just do that in your closed room and show your love openly to your great leaders who spent their life for us. Please,share the massage among your friends and make our country proud for our real culture. Thanks to all of you.

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