Is Reservations Helpful to Our Betterment?

Reservation is the social event that hampering many people who are well being but bcs of that they are force to go other fields.

As all we know that, in front of GOD we are equal. God gave us similar power to all. He is not did any partiality for creating all of us. Instead all those we create this Reservation system which force us to create discrimination among us. Because of this discrimination there are many social hazards taking place. As all we are Human, so we maintain it also. Not accepting any Reservation system. It hampering our mentality. It also create many social violence. Today I like to convey all of you about this harmful and violent system that already playing it’s game among us.

Where It Comes From? Mainly this system comes from our nasty Politics. Politicians make it a root to gates their political power. Generally people who unaware about that nasty political games played by their leaders, they thought the leaders are trying to doing something better for them. Therefore, all people like this system very much. But, reality is far from that actually happened. Indirectly it creates social discrimination among the people and a bad massage spreading among the people very fast.

How Helpful to Us? It already spread such a manner that almost every persons are evolving with this system. I thought this caste system is not helping us instead creates partiality among us. Every person worried about their reservations in each filed. No-one trying to totally abolish this nasty game played by our leaders. It already capturing our goodness as well as our mind. The day will come when all people holds this reservation and fighting with each other for any cause. So, this system has no value and no help for our society.

How we Eradicate it?  A time will come someone comes to in this politics and not oriented about his win or loss in the voting system, that fellow can able to abolish it. As like as demonetization happens, once in our country some months before, it is also possible to eradicate this caste system some days ahead. It required a healthy mindset person with healthy atmosphere. I hope that days will come soon in our life, when we all are equal in front of our country’s every system as like as we all are equal in front of GOD.

Conclusion: I am very optimistic about that, a day will come soon and we all are equal in front of any situations. If it is possible then there is no discrimination, no violence due to caste and Reservation system also no harmful hampers our society. The person who did this should beg pardons from society, from our laws over all from our civilization. According to me Reservations required only for animals and plants.  I hope you all agree with me and trying to your best for spreading this Article as you can. Please like,share and comment on it. Your like, share and comments are lot for me.

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