How to upload images in Angular?

In these article i discuss on How to upload images in our angular Application.
For that first we need to install module called “angular2-image-upload” using below command.
“npm install angular2-image-upload”
Now in app.module.ts file

import { ImageUploadModule } from 'angular2-image-upload';




In app.module.ts file first we need to import above code.
Then you can use in the component template file easily like below.

[buttonCaption]="'ADD IMAGE'"
[dropBoxMessage]="'Drop Image'"

when we write above code in it will looks like

In above example we have passed some option for the uploading images.
1) URL: where we want to uploaded image to post.
2) Max: how many files upload.
3) Header: For passing authentication token. Images post from our server or not.
4) buttonCaption: We can change name of the button.
5) dropBoxMessage: We can change drop message.
6) extensions: Which extension we need to allow for uploading.
Also refer for more optionĀ  from “angular2-image-upload

Pass one Event function called “onFileUploadFinish” When upload images completed it will trigger.
In our component file looks like below code.

public imgeposturl: string;
public myHeaders: any;

 this.imgeposturl = "" // URL where you want to handle uploaded image.
 this.myHeaders = [
            { header: 'Accesstoken', value: 'Token To validate on server.' }


 onUploadFinished(file: any) {

//after uploading image it will return on this function we can get value from server.



From these way we can upload images using Angular very easily.

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