Where We Use The Future Indefinite Tense?

You all know about the future indefinite tense which I already provided here on one of my articles. You should know the uses of this tense here. Where you used this tense in your day today life that’s must vital for you. I am very hopeful all about you that, my simplest way of writing the tenses helping you a lot for your better English. Just trying to your best to handle it. Your wishes and my ways helping you all to know the tenses that never before.

Where We Use it? There are several ways of expressing The Future Time in English. When we express future actions/events there we use this tense.

1)  In those sentences the Present Indefinite Tense expresses the work planned for the near future,there we use this time for making the required sentences. For examples:-
a) We shall all leaves for Delhi tomorrow evening.
b) They will stay in Goa for two days.
c) I shall take my lunch on 2 o’clock.
d) You will not need to reach me. etc

2) We use this time by denoting the principal clause of a conditional sentences. For examples:-
a) If Om works hard,he will passed in the examinations.
b) If they hire a taxi, they will catch the bus.
c) If you try to your best,you will able to get first class.
d) If I run more than this,I shall able to catch the train. etc

Following exercise helping a lot for knowing more about your Future Indefinite time.


Fill in the following blanks with correct form of the tense provided on the bracket.

1. They________not to the school, in the case it rains. (go)
2. My students _______ me here till I don’t return. (wait)
3. My husband________me next week. (see)
4. If you work hard, you__________the work in time.(finish)
5. If Prem hire a auto,he________the train in time.(catch)
6. My Mum hopes I________her work. (help)
7. If Om works hard,she_________in the class.(top)
8. You________to the market for purchasing tomatoes.(go)
9. We______ each other after our marriage.(love)
10. They__________good marks in the coming examinations.(achieve)

Solved these questions for your practicing the future indefinite time. Share among your friends may they required it for their English improvement. Thanks

Know more about ur future indefinite tense here with me.
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