Where we Use The Past Continuous Tense?

There are numbers of uses of the past continuous tense. It has many applications as well. Here, I like to provide both the uses and applications of the this tense. This applications and uses have many values in your life. So, try to understand it and apply your day to day life. After learning this easiest method of tenses you may changed your English.

Where we use the past continuous tense? Generally this tense is using in two places.

1. At the time of speaking, the actions already finished, there we used this past continuous tense. For examples:-
a) Those men were running from fear of the snake.
b) We were loving each other in our childhood.
c) Many of my friends were not liking that show.
d) I was finishing that work within due time. etc.

2. When we use this tense with simple past tense,it denotes that the previous action was going on. For examples:-
a) I was writing the article when my friend came to me.
b) I was washing my dresses when my husband called me.
c) My brother was reading when I reached the room.
d) The children were shouting in the playground when teacher taught in the class. etc

Following exercise is helping you all for the learning of the tense. I hope you all may get it through this exercise. I provide here some of the answers and next you should do yourselves for self valuation. If you would unable to solve them then write me in messenger or on Facebook.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct form of the verbs provided in the bracket.

1. The boys ______in the playground. (play)
2. She _______to market for purchasing vegetables. (go)
3. My friends________not______good in the papers. (do)
4. He__________not _________ever to mine. (visit)
5. They_________not__________that mistakes. (make)
6. ____________we ever ____ to Puri Shree Jagannath? (visit)
7. Once I___________in Odisha. (stay)
8. Our world_________not_________round the moon. (revolve)
9. We_________not________that man anywhere. (find)

10. I______not_______to there for his request.(go)
11. Prity_____________her lessons,when I reached there.(read)
12. Pupils ___________in the class room. (noise)
13. The baby_____________not _________in the garden.(play)
14. ________you not________that place many times.(visit)
15. Mother found that the baby__________bitterly. (cry)
16. The girls____________in the stage when I reached there. (dance)
17. __________Ravan__________by Ram? (kill)
18. That ladies____________for the man. (pray)
19. Hari ____________not________here since Monday. (live)
20. Why________you________at her papers. (look)


(1.were,playing, 2.was,going, 3.were,doing, 4.was,visiting, 5.were,making 6.were,visiting 7.was,staying 8.was,revolving 9.were,finding 10.was, going etc)

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