Where We Use Past Indefinite Tense?

In my previous article, I already provided some of uses of the past indefinite tense. Many uses are till left. Therefore, I like to clear all about the uses of the tense first. I got a lots of responses from my last articles. I hope so for this article’s also. Please, friends keep a little patience here and read the article carefully gain a lots of knowledge about the tenses. These knowledge helpful for your betterment through out your life.

Read,practice and keep patience till you gain the knowledge about the topic. There are many uses of the past simple tense. I already provides many of them in my previous article. Today, I am going to write next of them. They are as follows:-

5. We use this tense there where some words,showing past actions. For examples:-
a) He past away two days before.
b) Priti passed her H.S.C. examination some years before.
c) We became freedom over seventy years ago.
d) Everyone loved him in his childhood days. etc.

6. When two actions taking place simultaneously, we use there the past indefinite tense. For examples:-
a) While she walked,get a two thousand rupees on the road.
b) While I taught in the class,they are fought with each other.
c) While I sang a song,he danced with great pleasure. etc.

7. There we used the past simple tense,where first actions leads instantly to the second action. For examples:-
a) When I put water in the pot,many birds flew towards it.
b) When she read the book,I stopped her.
c) When teacher taught in the class,students soughed there. etc.

8. When and while used in the simple past tense,it shows that the both the actions took place during the same time. For examples:-
a) I read my chapter while he wrote his note.
b) They sang a song while Mini danced on it.
c) When we visit the temple,we often took the bus. etc.

9. Some verbs like understanding,knowing,showing etc are generally used in the simple past tense. For examples:-
a) No sooner than I reached the station, the train horned.
b) As soon as they ran,they won the match.
c) As he understood the chapter,he remembered it. etc.

10. Till, until, before as soon as are used in the simple past tense. It indicates that one action is followed the second one. For examples:-
a) I waited my husband till he came back.
b) We loved each other until we lived.
c) As soon as we reached the school,the bell rang. etc.

These are all about uses of past indefinite tense. I hoped I am able to cleared all of you. If someone unable to understand it,can write me on my Facebook page or on messenger. Tomorrow I will be writing some questions on the basis of the tense. Share,comment on it thanks.

Open the link and gain knowledge about the more uses of past simple tense.
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