Where We Use Past Indefinite Tense?

As  we used the present indefinite tense in different places,like as the past indefinite tense also has many uses. This tense also used in different places. I hope you all learnt all about the simple past or past indefinite tense clearly. Today, I like to clear you all about it’s uses. I.e. where you used this tense? How helpful for your improving English as well as for your betterment. Please, all of you should spent some minutes here for gaining a lot for your better English in simple way.

Here, I wrote simple and effective words for your understand. Therefore, you have no problems for learning this here. I am very hopeful for all of my friends’ improvement. The person who have vast knowledge about the tenses,can suggest me here also. I can approved that here and my style may be changing here.

Read,practice and make yourselves best among all,then may GOD help you for that also. The past indefinite tense has following uses. You may used them as follows:-

1. An action completed in the past when the speaker speaking about,there we should used this past simple tense. Examples:-

a) I visited Puri many times.
b) I came to the school for some work.
c) I saw many animals in the woods.
d) An accident took place on the road. etc.

2. When we express habitual actions on the past, there we used this simple past tense. For examples:-

a) During my school times my mother gave me lunch.
b) I played many games in my childhood.
c) Gandhiji always spoke the truth.
d) She went out for morning work daily last month. etc.

3. The habitual past actions also expressed by “used to”, like as

a) I used to read many mythological books during my childhood.
b) She used to feed birds when she was young.
c) My father used to read the Gita every morning. etc.

4. Some actions taking place for a period of times in the past but,not that’s stopped,now there we used the past indefinite tense. For examples:-

a) We lived in Delhi for ten years.
b) My friends stayed in the hostel for five years.
c) We played this game for three days. etc

5. The events that are occurred at a particular point in the past,there we used this past simple tense. For examples:-

a) My sister worked very slowly.
b) My husband came back to home from Delhi last month.
c) My mum cooked tasty foods. etc.To be continue:-

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