Where We Use Our Past Perfect Continuous Tense?

You all already known about the past perfect continuous tense. I already writing them on my previous article. Please, you learn them first,then come to this article. This article helping all,where you are using this past perfect continuous tense. Instead of knowing what is the past perfect continuous tense,how you know about it’s uses. This article is vital for improving your further knowledge about this tense. Today, this article contains all about the applications of the past perfect continuous tense as well as where you use this tense in your day today life.

This simplest method of learning your tenses are very helpful to gain easily a lots of knowledge about the English language. Just trying to give this to your son or daughter for learning their English easily. The tenses are crucial for all age group to gaining their knowledge.

Where we use the past perfect continuous tense? There are many uses of the past perfect tense. That are as follows:-

1. When the some actions going on the past for some time,there we use this past perfect continuous¬†tense. For examples:-a) Students had been reading since 4 o’clock.
b) We had been doing our work since morning.
c) They had been swimming in the pond for two hours.
d) Had you been waiting for me here since evening?
e) She had not been cooking since morning. etc.

2. The past perfect continuous tense is also used to expresses the actions had been going on for some time before another action took place in the past only. For examples:-

a) They had been playing cricket for about an hour when he joined with them.
b) We all had been preparing for many days before we appeared in the examinations.
c) They had been waiting for train many hours before it arrived at the station. etc.

Some more uses of the past perfect continuous tense.

1. In case of Interrogative sentences, “had” precedes the subject and been comes after the subjects. For examples:-
a) Had she been fighting with you for about two hours?
b) Had Deepak been reading since morning?
c) Had they been waiting for you here since afternoon?

2. In case of negative interrogative sentences, we use “not” after had and before subject. For examples:-
a) Hadn’t she been going to market since morning?
b) Hadn’t they been playing the cricket since morning?

3. In case of negative sentences,we use “not” after had and before been. For examples:-
a) We had not been working in the office since morning.
b) They had not been reading their books for two hours.
c) Diya had not been obeying her parents since her childhood. etc

These are some vital uses of the past perfect continuous tense. Please, remembering them for your betterment and sharing them for others. Thanks



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