Where We Use The Past Perfect Tense?

In my previous article,I already wrote about past perfect tense. Today,here I am writing about the uses of the past perfect tense. That means where you use this past perfect tense in your day to day life? This tense has also vast use in our life. Here, I like to provide many of them for your betterment. Please, try to learn them thoroughly and also using them in your life.

Some of the uses of the past perfect tense are as follows:-
1. The past perfect tense is used there where an action completed before the another action took place. For examples:-
a) When my friends came to me,I had finished the work.
b) The match had finished before I reached the playground.
c) When we enter into the theater,the national song had finished.
d) They had not came here,till I invited them. etc.

2. There we used the past perfect tense,where the action has been completed before some points of time. For examples:-
a) Till 1:30 I had completed my article.
b) By sun set,they had reached to the station.
c) By evening my husband had finished his office work.
d) Till late morning,they had not come to the ground. etc.

3. The past perfect tense also used to express an unfulfilled action in the past. For examples:-
a) If Om had worked hard then he would have passed.
b) If you had able to come in time then we would have helped you.
c) If they had to finished the work in time they would have left the office in time. etc.

4. We can also used this past perfect tense to express an unfulfilled wish in the past. For examples:-
a) I wish I had reached the station.
b) They wish they had won the match against South Africa.
c) My friend wish she had appeared in the examination.
d) You wish you had come to me before. etc.

5. Some words like Still,until,already,till,since never,before etc are carried the past perfect tense. For examples:-
a) My mother had already finished her work.
b) I had never seen such a man before.
c) She had not eaten meat since her marriage.
b) Many villagers of mine had not traveled by a plane till last year. etc.

These are some places where we able to use our past perfect tense. Learn it for your betterment and share it for your friends. Please, never forget to write me the comments on it. Thanks

Know your past perfect tense more. It is helping for your gaining of knowledge about English.
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