Where and How We Use Past Tense For Our Betterment?

In my many articles, I already wrote about present tenses? The easy way and simple words helping you all a lot for learning the tenses here. I also providing their applications as well as their uses. I hope, those are helping you a lot. Today, I am going to write about past tenses. Where and when you use this tenses? How helpful this tense for your betterment? Once, you know about the tenses, you can able to write the best English you have ever writen. If you would able to write the best and effective English in simple way then everyone is appreciating you and your personality. Therefore, it helps you for your betterment.

The works that you already finished sometimes ago or before that is your past. If you would show them by using formula in English that’s called past tense. These tenses are generally using for expressing past actions.

As like as present tenses, there are four types of past tenses. They are as follows:-

A) Past simple/Past Indefinite tense
B) Past Continuous Tense
C) Past Perfect Tense
D) Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

Here, I also describe one by one with applications and uses of the each tense, for your betterment. Please, spent your valuable time here and learn easily your English. Today, I am writing about past simple/past indefinite tense. As like as the present simple tense, it also has three persons along with three types of sentences. You all most follow the table and gain more about the tense.

Past Simple/Past Indefinite Tense:-These tenses are called past simple because it has not carried any helping verbs. Only Subject and verb with object make the sentences here.

Affirmative Sentences 

First Person Second Person Third Person

 I went to market.

We played football.

 You danced on the Music.

 S/he or it sang a song beautifully.

They ran to the school.

Negative Sentences

We are able to writing a negative sentences here by taking help of the do verb here also as we use in the present simple. There we used do/does but,here we use did only that’s the difference. Otherwise all are same. Table helped you a lot for your study.


First Person Second Person Third Person

 I did not go to market.

We did not play football.

 You did not dance on the Music.

 S/he or it did not sing a song beautifully.

They did not run to the school.

Interrogative Sentences

These sentences are nothing but asking questions to the subject. By taking do verb in past format we make the sentences here. The following table helped you a lot.

Positive Interrogative Sentences:-

First Person Second Person Third Person

Did I go to market?

Did we play cricket?

Did you dance on the music?

Did s/he or it sing a song?

Did they run on the road?

Negative Interrogative Sentences:-

First Person Second Person Third Person

Did I not go to market?

Did we not play cricket?

Did you not dance on the music?

Did s/he or it not sing a song?

Did they not run on the road?

You all should thoroughly get through the table, can able to gain a lot about past simple tense a lot. Please, share it among your friends who may needs a lot. Thanks

One who want to learn better and effective English then open the link and read the simplest way of the tenses.
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