Where We Use The Present Continuous Tenses?

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Now I am going to provide you the uses of present continuous tense.  Means where you are using this tense for your day to day life. This tense has numbers of uses in our life. They are as follows:-

1. It describe the actions that continue or progress, like as

I am writing my article now.
We are running to the market.
Shima is cooking her food.
They are playing cricket in the ground.
Boys are dancing on the stage. etc.

2. This tense also describe the action in progress but it is not necessary at the time of speak by the subject. Like as

Many friends are asking me,what Am I doing now days?
I am writing many articles for all age group people.
My students are revising their courses for their up coming exam.
Pakistan is exporting leathers to India.
China is one of our neighbor countries. etc.

3. When the actions are planing for near future, there we most use this tense. Like as

We are visiting Shree Jagannath temple next month.
My next article is on present perfect tense.
I am not going to market on coming Thursday.
All schools are remaining closed this Monday,because of Uttarayan. etc.

4. We use this present continuous tense,when our actions become the habit. For examples:-

My friend Nitu is always borrowing my books.
My husband is going to temple regularly.
My Mum is waking at 5 o’clock everyday. etc.
That lady is smoking always.

Above points describe all that where you use your Present Continuous Tense. I hope you all may learn it easily. This method is the easiest to learn your English. If you put your a little effort for it, then you would gain a lot. These topics are mainly dedicated to all of my friends who wanted their as well as our country’s betterment. You most like,share and comment on it. For further information you most write me on Facebook or in messenger. Thanks as being my friends here.




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