How We Use Present Indefinite Tense For Our Betterment? Part-2

I already provide the present Indefinite Tense and also where you use that tense. Today, I am writing many examples about the tense and making questions to know the more use of this tense. Many of my friends are liking my way of writing the tenses. Thanks for your love and affections for my articles. I love to write many examples by providing questions. That may help all of you valued yourself. You should try these questions yourselves first and then followed my answers.

Related Questions for using Present Indefinite Tense:

Fill the following blanks with using of correct for of the tense of the verbs given in the brackets.

1. I________my book. (learn)

2. My friend_________ a lie. (tell)

3. Kangna_________ the truth. (speak)

4. Priya________you English. (teach)

5. ______you like your dress? (fill with do verb)

6. When _______Sita get married? (Fill with do verb)

7. ________Summit go to school. (fill with do verb)

8. Gita_____ go to the movie; but on holidays only. (fill with do verb)

9. My sister’s birth day ________off next week. (come)

10. You ________for Delhi tomorrow. (leave)

11. Sachin_____it hard and it scores six. (hit)

12. My husband _________me. (love)

13. My brother ________in the bed. (sleep)

14. Water _________at zero degree temperature. (freeze)

15. I _________ what my sister_______.(eat)

16. Lataji______as sweet as Ashaji and Priayaji_____.(sing)

17. The sun _________in the day where as the stars _________in the night. (shine)

18. Jugal________on the bed but his sisters ________on the floor. (sleep)

19. My mother_________to temple where as my brothers _____to college at 9 A.M. (go)

20. Beauty _________no ornaments where as you all ________them. (need)

21. __________you_________in the same town in which we________and Nita________there. (live)

22. She _______her parents. (obey)

23. You ________always the truth. (speak)

24. _______she know you? (Fill with do verb)

25. Please_________tell me lie. (fill with do verb)


(1.learn,2.tells 3.speaks 4.teaches,, 6.does, 7.does, 8.does, 9.comes, 10.leave, 11.hits, 12.loves, 13.sleeps, 14.freezes,,eats, 16.sings,sing, 17.shines,shine, 18. sleeps,sleep, 19.goes,go 20.needs, need,live,lives 22.obeys 23.speak 24.does 25.don’t

I am very hopeful about this practice. This most help you for learning the indefinite tense. Please, never forget to share and forward it among your friends. Thanks all of you. And happy friendship day to all.  

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