How We Use Present Indefinite Tense For Our Betterment?

Yesterday, I already describe about the simple present tense. The simplest way to learning the tense. Instead of learning their uses you can not able to understand them. Today, I like to provide their uses with examples also I am creating many questions for all of you. I hope you most like them and used them for your betterment. By learning this you may changed your English. It helps a lot in your life for improving your English. Both your writing English as well as your speaking English most change by using this simplest method.

Where you Use this Indefinite or Simple Present Tense? There are numbers of uses of this tense. They are as follows:-

1) When your expression contains General Truth like water boils at 100 degree centigrade.

2) When your expression points Universal Truth like we most need oxygen for living.

3) When your expression shows Permanent Truth like Our earth moves round the Sun.

4) When we express our Habitual Actions like We visit the temple regularly. I like to do Yoga daily. etc

5) When we plan our future actions now, then we most use simple present tense. Like My sister’s birth day comes off tomorrow.

6) When something true at the time of speaking, there we most use this tense. Like I live in India.

7) In case of permanent situations we use this simple tense. Like as This temple stands still here. My house faces towards west direction.

8) In case of exclamatory sentences, that expresses here and there when we speak about, there we use this tense. Like

Here the thief comes ! There the man runs ! etc.

9) When we express past events by dramatically we use there this simple present tense. Example:-The fire fighters arrives there no sooner than the fire stats.

10) When something expresses sub-ordinate Clause of time and Conditions, there we most use this simple present tense. Example:-When you reach the station, calls me.

11) For starting of imperative sentences, we most use there the simple present tense. Like as  Obey your parents. Never lies.etc

These are some places where we most use the simple present/present Indefinite tenses. I hope this is the most simple method for learning your Tenses. Tomorrow I provide numbers of questions for solving the tense. Thanks all of you. Never forget to share, comment on it.

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