The Use Of Present Perfect Tense.

The People who oriented for their own betterment, then the whole world’s helped her/him for that. So, you most try to do for your betterment, and see how the life changes. Never try to pull others leg,indirectly you are pulled by other people. What you thought inside your mind, that may shown your face. If you would thought better then your face shows brighter. If you would thought nasty then your own face look badder. Therefore, the people who are cute in look their thoughts are best. You may realize it by observing your neighbors, among them who have good thought and who have bad.

Today, I am writing about the uses of the present perfect tense. By making numbers of questions. There are some questions which are carry this present perfect format. You need to solve them yourselves for your selves valuation. Also I am providing their answers below. You can match them with your answers. In this way you can improved your English. I hope you all get benefits from my way of writing the tenses.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct form of tenses of the verbs given in the brackets:-

1. Diya_________first prize in the competition. (be verb+win)

2. _____you________your dose? (be verb+take)

3. Palak_______never______to Puri. (be verb+see)

4. My friends________not_________about me. (be verb+know)

5. Mahi said, you________me for my performance. (do verb+insult)

6. _________you able to________the road. (be verb+cross)

7. Where_________you ______my husband? (be verb+see)

8. _______my friend not________to me? (be verb+visit)

9. I________not________my letter till now. (be verb+receive)

10. Our team_____not______ the dance competition. (do verb+win)

11. Principal _________not_________the programme. (be verb+chalk)

12. ______you_________a peacock in the garden? (be verb+see)

13. My husband_________from office presently. (return)

14. ______you not________your lunch yet? (take)

15. __________my family______in Delhi for last twenty years? (live)

16. Deepak_____not______his lessons. (revise)

17. Where_______you_____your bag. (lose)

18. How many sums____you all_________for your examination papers? (solve)

19. ________you ever been to Odisha? (be verb)

20. We________not______from Palak for the last one year. ( hear)

Answers:-(1.has,won 2. have,taken 3. has,seen 4. have,known 5. have,insulted 6.have,crossed 7. have,seen 8. has,visited  9. have, received 10. has,won 11.has,chalked etc. next do yourselves)

I am very glad to say that this simple way of writing the tenses are adopted by the current generation. Thanks all of you for your love. Please, never forget to like,share and comment on it. Please, you should feed back to my job.

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