Using of Present Perfect Continuous Tense?

In my previous articles I already provides about the present perfect continuous tense. Where you apply this tense also written by me. Today,here I am going to provide some uses of this tense. That means writing numbers of questions on the basis of it,and making you more aware about the tense. If you all would read the tense and reminded it then this questions help you for your selves valuations.

You all may know it that practices make a man perfect,so, these questions helping you for your practice and make you a perfect man by knowing your tenses more. Also you are able to write and speak the English. Solve following questions for your betterment.


Fill in the blanks with correct form of the present perfect continuous tense of the verbs provided in the bracket.

1. I_________here since 2002? (stay)

2. How long________she_________for me here? (wait)

3. It_________not__________for two hours last night. (rain)

4. I_________here since 2015. (work)

5. They________not__________this place for 10 years. (visit)

6. Reeta___________this work withing three hours. (do)

7. Since when______you________in this office? (work)

8. I________midnight oil for 12 years. (burn)

9. My friend__________ here since 2012. (work)

10. Malariya_________in the Delhi since May. (rage)

11. We_____________each other since 2010. (love)

12. __________I___________this competitive papers for 5 years. (practice)

13. I__________for the train since evening,but till it is not arrived. (wait)

14. _______I________this article for two hours. (write)

15. My neighbor ___________in this house since 2011. (stay)

16. __________he_________market for four hours. (go)

17. Navin Patnayak ________ in Odisha since his father was died. (rule)

18. No-body_____________her since morning because of her mischief. (love)

19. I___________since 10 o’clock. (write)

20. For how long____________they ________for me. (wait)

You all practice those above questions yourselves. If any where you are unable to do that then write me in my time line or messenger. You all need to do yourselves first. You all should share this among your friends and keens. These questions are very helpful for capturing your grammar. In my next article I will write about past tenses. Thanks.

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