Value Of Education

All of my readers should aware about this “Value of Education”. In our day to day life, education play a crucial role. Any time of education required for our betterment. So, I like to share here about above topic. I hope all of you like this very much as well as can be understood it.

Once Gandhiji, in his famous book, “My Experiments with Truth”, points out that Education without morals is worse than no Education at all. So, I want to make aware all about the Value of Education for betterment in our life.A man without values, will use education only his or her betterment.Indirectly to shows the mentality of selfishness.

The person who apply education only for his/her betterment then he/she had lacuna to improve society.Such types of person not worried about others.He/she always wants to be make himself/herself best not wants to develops others.Such fellows also not bother about others.Such type of educated person dangerous for our society.That person have no moral value.

Now days there is no good relations between teachers and students. But,in ancient times that relation was like Devoty and Devotion.There was purity among the students and teachers.There was heavenly love among them.Students were respected their teachers and simultaneously teachers loved their students as their own child.

The above mentality gradually downed.Present days it totally spoiled. Consequently, there is a great deal of indiscipline in our school,collages as well as in our society.There is no love, no affection among the students as well as among the teachers.Therefore, present days Educational value is going down.Because of that lacuna there is always fighting among them.Because of absence of values of education there is ragging system among the collage students. So, it is required to provide values of Educations among the students.

If once students and teachers aware of the Values of Education then it help to betterment in their life as well as for society.

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