Verbs:-4; Many Rules Which Are Helping You All For Your Betterment.

There are numbers of articles published by me about VERBS on my site. Before, going to reading this article of mine, please, most read all the published article about verbs. If you would read them, then only you can able to know the rules of the verbs, which I am going to providing here. There are numbers of rules which helping you all for better understanding the verbs.

Verbs are always required to used with the agreement of the nouns used in the sentences. I am very hopeful about this article which helping you a lot for understanding your verbs most. The verb-subject agreement plays a very vital role in English Grammar. Even those who enjoy a good command over this language, sometimes committed mistakes in the understanding of the verb-subject agreement. Here, I am going to writing the numbers of the rules which may have helping you for knowing more about the English.

Rule:-1. If two or more singular nouns are joined by ‘and’ the verb used will be plural. Following examples are helping you all for understanding my statement.
(i) My husband and I were going to the market.
(ii) Sita and Gita are the class-mate.

Above sentences contains ‘were and are’ both are plural but used there because of and.

Rule:-2.┬áIf two singular nouns joined by ‘and’ point out to the same thing or person, the verb used must be singular. Following examples are helping for better understanding my statement.
(i) Rice and curry is the favorite food of Odisha people.
(ii) Bread and butter is my best breakfast food.
(iii) The collector and District Magistrate is my uncle.

In my first and second sentences ‘rice and curry’ and ‘bread and butter’ refer to one things i.e. food. Similarly the collector and district magistrate is refer to the one man here. Hence, verbs are using here must be singular i.e. “is”.

Rule:-3. If the article is used with both the nouns, the reference will be to two persons or things and the verb used in such case must be plural. Following examples are helping you all for understanding my statement best.

Examples:- (i) The Philosopher and the teacher are going to market.
The above sentences has two different persons i.e. the philosopher and the teacher. Hence, the verb agreed with plural. To be continue:-

These are the some of the rules that are writing by me here. There are a large numbers of rules which are basing with the verbs and nouns agreement. Please, carefully read them and trying to using them for your betterment and sharing them for others. Thanks.

Rules for the using of the verbs with the nouns. Just open the link and be aware about them.
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