Verbs:-6; Where and How We Using Them For Our Betterment?

Already, I provides numbers of articles about verbs. They are very vital to learning English. Just try to learning them and trying to applying them in your day today life. Many rules I already written on my different articles. Please, read them one by one, then only you can able to understand this article. Some other rules are here I am going to writing them.

Rule:-8. ‘A great many’ is a phase which always followed by a plural noun and also a plural verb. Following example is helping you for your understanding.
Example:- A great many teachers have declared as the successful teachers.

Rule:-9. If two subjects are joined by ‘with’, together with’, ‘no less than’, ‘in addition to’, ‘and not’, etc. the verb agrees with the first subject. Following examples are helping for your better understanding.
Examples:- (i) The student with his teachers has come here.
(ii) The principal together with his all staffs was present in the annual function.
(iii) He no less than I is to blame.

Rule:-10. There are some nouns which are plural in form but, singular in meaning, hence, there we take a singular verb. Please, see the following examples which are helping for your understanding.
Examples:- (i) This news is broadcast from All India Radio now.

Here news is a plural noun but we used it as singular, hence, it follows the verb is.

Rule:- 11. When two subjects are joined by ‘not only…..but also; the verb must agree with the second subject. The following examples are helping you all for understanding my statement.
Examples:- (i) Not only our state but also yours’ is poor.
(ii) Not only I but also my students were laughing at the situation.
(iii) Not only the man but also his children are playing the game. etc.

Rule:-12. When two subjects are joining by “or”, the verb must agree with the second subject. Following examples are helping you to understanding my statement.
Example:- (i) Gita or her brothers were there for helped.
(ii) Druvi or Tanvi is responsible for all this.
Here, we must in mind that the “plural subject” if any in the sentences, that should be placed near the verbs.

Rule:-13. When two subjects of different numbers and persons or both are joining with together by ‘and’ the verb used must be plural. Following examples are helping you for getting better understanding my statement.
Examples:- (i) Diya and her friends have been here seen morning.
(ii) He and I are friends.
(iii) Charmi and Mahi are not good girls. etc.To be continue:-

Vital articles for knowing about the rules where and when we are using the verbs for better English. Read all my articles one by one about the verbs, which are helping you all for your best. Please, never forget to share these articles among your friends. They may need them more than you. Thanks.

This article contains numbers of rules which are helping you for ur better understanding the verbs.
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