Voice Change:-11; For Our Betterment.

For knowing better grammar, we must learnt to changing of voices. So, there are numbers of articles on voice changes are publishing on my site. You all should took benefits from them by reading one by one them.

This article is also on voice changes. It contains “how to change the past tenses’s voice”. Already present tenses voice changes were published before. You get them from my site. Here, I am writing about past tenses’ sentences and their voice changes.

This article is about past indefinite or simple past tense. Basically the sentences here provided in past simple form and their voice changes. Affirmative sentences’ voice changing process already published. In this article is about the negative sentences’ voice change. Means how we change the voice of negative sentences of simple past sentences. Here, rules and examples are helping you all a lot for your better understanding the voice changes.

B) Negative Sentences:- In Case of negative sentences; changing of voice are as like as the affirmative sentences. But, here we used was not/were not instead of ‘did’. before past participle form of the verbs.

Rule:-  object+was/were+not+third form of the verb+by+subject


1) I did not do that work. (Active Voice)
That work was not done by me. (Passive Voice)

2) Her children did not love her. (Active voice)
She was not loved by her children. (Passive voice)

3) You did not eat the apple. (Active voice)
The apple was not eaten by you. (Passive voice)

4) The teachers did not teach the topics in the class. (Active Voice)
The topics were not taught by the teachers in the class. (Passive voice)

5) He did not look into the matter. (Active Voice)
The matter was not looked by him. (Passive voice)

6) We did not clean the house yesterday. (Active Voice)
The house was not cleaned by us a day before. (Passive Voice)

7) I did not ask him to lend me the money. (Active Voice)
The money was not asked by me to lend. (Passive Voice)

These are the some examples based on negative form of past simple tenses and their appropriate voice changes. You all may clear about the voice change till I am providing you all.

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