Voice Change:-3; Effective For Our Betterment.

This article is very vital to know the uses of the voice change.

This article is for practicing of the voice change. All you may know about the line; “practice make a man perfect”. This article contains numbers of questions based on the simple present tense which were using for the voice change in my previous article. I hope you must trying to do yourselves first and then matching with my providing answers. I hoped these articles based on voice change are very helping for all people. For better grammar we must follow and know the process of changing the voices. Following exercise is very vital for knowing the voice change more effectively.


Q.1 The policemen catch the thieves.

Q.2 Manners reveals the characters of a person.

Q.3 I write a letter to my friend.

Q.4 The postman delivers letters.

Q.5 The clerk collects bills.

Q.6 The keeper feeds the lions.

Q.7 The peon rings the school bell.

Q.8 She sells fruits.

Q.9 I sing a song.

Q.10 We eat rice everyday.

Q.11 Mosquitoes cause many diseases.

Q.12 She loves all friends.

Q.13 People always admire my grammatical skills.

Q.14 People speak English all over the world.

Q.15 Saurav plays cricket everyday.


A.1 The thieves are caught by the policemen.

A.2 The characters of a person is revealed by his/her manners.

A.3 A letter is written by me to a friend.

A.4 Letters are delivered by the postman.

A.5 Bills are collected by the clerk.

A.6 The lions are fed by the keepers.

A.7 The school bell is rung by the peon.

A.8 Fruits are sold by her.

A.9 A song is sung by me.

A.10 Rice is eaten by us everyday.

A.11 Many diseases are caused by mosquitoes.

A.12 All friends are loved by her.

A.13 My grammatical skills are always admired by people.

A.14 English is spoken by people all over the world.

A.15 Cricket is played by Saurav everyday.

These are the few questions which are based on simple present tenses and all are positive sentences. In my next article I shall provide negative and interrogative sentences for your further practices. Please, read,use and share it. Thanks

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