Voice Change:-4; For Gaining Better Grammar.

Changing of voice from negative active voice to negative passive voice.

This article is for practicing of the voice change. All of you may know about the line; “practice make a man perfect”. This article contains numbers of questions based on the simple present tense which were using for the voice change in my previous article. I hope you must trying to do yourselves first and then matching with my providing answers. I hoped these articles based on voice change are very helping to all of you for knowing better grammatical skills. For better grammar we must follow and know the process of changing the voices. Following exercise is very vital for knowing the voice change more effectively. This exercise is based on simple negative sentences which are changes from active voice to passive voice.


A) Negative Sentences: How we change the negative active sentences into the passive voice?

Q.1 She does not drink tea.
Q.2 The Watchman does not allow strangers in the office.
Q.3 The book-sellers do not print books.
Q,4 The manager does not visit the office regularly.
Q.5 I do not write a letter.
Q.6 Priya does not sing a song.
Q.7 Dhruvi does not believe in his story.
Q.8 They do not write the whole answers.
Q.9 You do not see the Zoo.
Q.10 We do not like his laziness.

Answer:- 1. Tea is not drunk by her.
A.2 Strangers are not allowed by the watchman in the office.
A.3 Books are not printed by the book-sellers.
A.4 The office is not visited by the manager regularly.
A.5 A letter is not written by me.
A.6 A sing is not sung by Priya.
A.7 His story is not believed by Dhruvi.
A.8 The whole answers are not written by them.
A.9 The zoo is not seen by you.
A.10 His laziness is not liked by us.

Above questions may helping you all a lot for knowing how to change the active negative sentences to passive voice. Please, like,share and comment. To be continue:-

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