Voice Change:-5; For Knowing Better Grammar.

This article is for practicing of the voice change. All of you may know about the line; “practice make a man perfect“. This article contains numbers of questions based on the simple present tense which are using for the voice change in my previous article. I hope you must trying to do yourselves first and then matching with my providing answers. I hoped these articles based on voice change are very helping for all people. For better grammar we must follow and know the process of changing the voices. Following exercise is very vital for knowing the voice change more effectively. Following exercise helping all to know how to change simple interrogative sentences into passive interrogative sentences.


B). Know the process by which how can we changes the simple interrogative sentences from active to passive voice.

Q.1 Do you see films?
Q.2 Do you like coffee?
Q.3 Do you sell books?
Q.4 Does she know the art of flower arrangement?
Q.5 Does God forgive our sins?
Q.6 Do you like this picture?
Q.7 Do you read news paper everyday?
Q.8 Does Tanvi play carrom?
Q.9 Do the children read the books?
Q.10 Do we read English Barnamala?
Q.11 Does she ever visit to Landon?
Q.12 Do I know the better grammar?


A.1 Are films seen by you?
A.2 Is coffee liked by you?

A.3 Are books sold by you?
A.4 Is art of flower arrangement known by her?
A.5 Are our sins forgiven by God?
A.6 Is this picture liked by you?
A.7 Is news paper read by you everyday?
A.8 Is carrom played by Tanvi?
A.9 Are the books read by the children?
A.10 Is English Barnamala read by us?
A. Is Landon ever visited by her?
A. Is better grammar known by me? To be continue:-

Above exercise helping you all to know the better grammar. Voice change is a method to know the correct grammar. Without knowing it,we are not able to know the grammar properly. Please, read this article and share. Thanks.


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