Voice Change:-7; Required For Our Betterment.

Change the voice of the present continuous tenses easily and effectively with me here.

This article is for practicing of the voice change. All of you may know about the line; “practice make a man perfect“. This article contains numbers of questions based on the present continuous tense. I hoped you must trying to do yourselves first and then matching with my providing answers. I hoped these articles based on voice change are very helping to all of you for knowing better grammatical skills. For better grammar we must follow and know the process of changing the voices. Following exercise is very vital for knowing the voice change more effectively. This exercise is based on the present continuous format of the tense. Follow the exercise below which helped you all a lot for knowing about the above.

Formula:- How to change the present continuous tenses based sentences’ into their voice? Before knowing about them, we should remembering the formula and easily knowing the voice change in this cases.

Is/am/are+being+third form of the verb+ necessity part of the sentences.

Following examples are helping you all to know better the above formula.


Active Voice Passive Voice
1. I am reading a book. 1. A book is being read by me.
2. You are loving me. 2. I am being loved by you.
3. He is not writing the letter. 3. The letter is not being written by him.
4. We are not teaching you. 4. You are not being taught by us.
5. Why are you running a race? 5. Why is a race being run by you?
6. What are you doing? 6. What is being done by you?
7. Whom are you serving? 7. Who is being served by you?

8. Am I not going to the market? 8. Is the market not being gone by me?
9. Are you not ever visiting the zoo? 9. Is the Zoo not ever being visited by you?
10. Am I not writing the essay? 10. Is the essay not being written by me?

Above table helping you all to know the changes of voice from active to passive in present continuous sentences. I hoped you all like most and trying know easily the process of knowing the voice change. To be continue:- Please, like, comment and share it on Facebook. Thanks.

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