Voice Change:-8; For Our Better English.

Valuable and useful article for knowing more about present perfect tenses.

This article is for practicing of the voice change. All of you may know about the line; “practice make a man perfect“. This article contains numbers of questions based on the present perfect tense. I hoped you must trying to do yourselves first and then matching with my providing answers. I hoped these articles based on voice change are very helping to all of you for knowing better grammatical skills. For better grammar we must follow and know the process of changing the voices. Following exercise is very vital for knowing the voice change more effectively. This exercise is based on the present perfect format of the tense. Follow the exercise below which helped you all a lot for knowing about the above.

Formula for changing of Voice; present perfect tense:- Has/ have+been+verb in third form.

Following examples are helping for your better understanding.

(A) Changing of voices in Affirmative sentences are like as:-
Rule:- While changing these sentences into passive voice, we put ‘been’ between ‘have’, ‘has’ and the past participle form of the verbs.


1) I have read a book. (Active voice)
A book has been read by me. (Passive Voice)

2) My husband has loved me. (Active Voice)
I have been loved by my husband. (Passive Voice)

3) You have eaten bread. (Active Voice)
Bread has been eaten by you. (Passive Voice)

4) We have played the football match. (Active Voice)
The football match has been played by us. (Passive Voice)

5) You have done the work in time. (Active Voice)
The work has been done by you in time. (Passive Voice) etc.

(B) Changing of Voices in Negative Sentences:- 

Rule:- While changing of active voices to passive voices, ‘has/have’, +not+been+past participle form of the verb is used.


1) I have not written a letter to my mother. (Active Voice)
A letter has not been written by me to my mother. (Passive Voice)

2) You have not played the cricket match for India. (Active Voice)
The cricket match has not been played by you for India. (Passive Voice)

3) We have not taught you all. (Active voice)
You all have not been taught by us. (Passive Voice)

4) His parents has not loved him much. (Active Voice)
He has not loved by his parents a lot. (Passive Voice) To be continue:-

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