What is PWA? Features of PWA

What is PWA?

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a set of guidelines to use the modern browser create a more native app for user experience. PWA model attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.

Mainly, it is still a website, but it will looks and feel like an app and provide functionality not available to normal websites

When the user visit these type of the website it display “Add(website) to Home Screen” without install from the app stores or downloads that app. It creates shortcuts on home page screen it opens just like an app.

Features of the PWA

  • Responsive: Its responsive so it runs on any device like desktop,mobile,table etc.
  • Progressive: The PWA app should work for every user no matter which browser choice is because it is built with progressive enhancement as a main principle.
  • Auto-Updated: PWA app is worked in service worker. Service worker keeps it always updated.
  • Connectivity Independent: When the network is too slow or not available, PWA app should still work on a device.
  • App-like: It looks and feels like an mobile app but with no download and installation needed.
  • Secured: It accessed via HTTPS to allow authorization, secured transactions, and also to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Reliably Connected: It depends on Service workers. Service workers support to make it work offline and on networks.
  • Searchable: Searchable via search engines because of it uses web app manifest.
  • Shareable: PWA does not require to be downloaded. It can easily be shared via URL of website

  • Splash Screen: we can add splash screen during the startup of the app. so it feels like a native app.

In next article we dicuss on how to add PWA in our Angular apps.

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