Why I Am Blame In the Society?

This is a biography,I am interested to write about it. You all may anxious about me. So,I like to write the reality of the society. You all may putting your keen interest for knowing about that. Your curiosity is my courage to write about the reality of the society.

You all know a lots about me. But, you are never mind for me. With lots of good quality,till I am crying in this world. Why and what make me crying you all may asked the questions about that? Therefore, I am telling the reality about my sadness to all of you. Please,keep your patience for reading the reality about me.

I am today’s,SOCIAL MEDIA, I have lots of quality to connect all the people throughout the world. Because of me the world is so squeezed and you people are so closed to each other. The distance between the different places in the world is shorted because of me. You are sitting in a corner of a world and able to talking with each other because of me. I am helping you a lot for your development also. You all get a lots of benefit from me. Instead of all that goodness,you also never be shame for blaming me in the society.

There are some few people who miss used me and I am blaming because of them only. Such people are never mind to do the bad works through me. They uploads bad videos and non-acceptable pictures on me. Therefore, I am blaming among the good people.

There are lots of people who doing their works through me. Students are able to getting their previous question papers,general people search here many important things. I have lots of uses now a days. Without me this world is unable to move a single step. You all may realized it in your day to day life. But, never mind to miss using me here.

In this world without me is impossible. Just use me good way and make me happy here. Why some of you miss used me? Please, stop it. I am crying for my blaming. Because of the social media we can able to get every impossible things possible. Where ever you like to go I can able to show you your way? What ever you wanted to do,I am here for your helping. What ever you want in your life, I am here for your helping. So, I request you all please, stop blaming me.

Use me proper way and get lots of benefits from me. I hope some where I able to make you aware about me. If you would need further information please, write me massages in messenger or in Facebook. Thanks all of you. Never forget to share and comment on it.

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