Why We Are Learning HTML? Basic Way For Learning.

Why we learn HTML?
Purpose:- We should know that why we going to learning about HTML? We want to provide information,promote a service, sell our products, doing online
marketing,persuading e-commerce etc etc.

What is our Goals:- There are lots of our goals for learning HTML among them making money and sharing information among people.

What are our target:- There are some specific group of people who help us to reach our goals. These people may be any aged or any sex-group. They
helping us to making us well known and fulfilling our goals also. That helping us to growing our own business.

Closest Competitors:- There are numbers of our competitors already present in the market. We should aware about them and making us more capable
and it’s our duty to researched about those competitors closely and must knowing about their motives in the market and trying to making more
productive than our competitors.

Content:- We should choose such types of contents for our site which making our site more attractive and audience are reaching the site more and
more. Some information also targeting some special types of audiences because of some informative contents.

Planning:- We need to using the information gathered from phase one,it is time to put together a plan for our site. This is the point where a site
map is developed. The site map is a list of all main topic areas of the site, as well as sub-topics, if applicable. This serves as a guide as to
what content will be on the site. Easy to understand navigational system. Once we ready with all information than make paper sketch with nice UI.
This will help us client to get concept clear. We can make sure that we are in right track.
I wanted to request all of my friends please, go through this valuable article for learning your basic of HTML. Here I am trying to saying you all why we need to learning HTML. In my next publication I will be trying to publishing some codes for the HTML. Please, like, share and comment.

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