Is Women Empowerment Required For Our Betterment?

God creates a beautiful and attractive with great charming personality in this world is called WOMEN. Women are the vital and valuable product by GOD. without them we can’t imagine a world. They are the fantastic and creative¬†product for this world. God creates lots of life in this world but women are the most beautiful creation by him. All power is meaningless without a woman. Every person may realized in his or her life the importance and the presence of a lady.

You may know about that, the women are the ultimate of love,care and sacrifice their life for a new life. She can bring us into this beautiful world. She can make a life by sacrificing her own. After God she is known as the second God for a life. She can able to make our life,our personality our nourishment etc.

No relation is complete without a woman in this world. She plays a role of a lovable daughter, caring sister, understanding wife and over all a loving mother. Some years ago the wife is defined as the “wonderful instrument for enjoying”. You may heard about that definition. But, time is changing greatly and vitally and hence, now a days you may know that, the wife is a great lady who makes you a man with great personality helping you to generate your family ahead.

You all may know about that, the Goddess Laxmi and Swarswati both are empowered with prosperity and knowledge. Again Mata Durga is empowered with lots of weapons for controlling the world over bad and ugly situations. The houses where the women get their great power like the goddesses that houses becomes the heaven in this world. They have great capable to handle all the odd situations. They have great knowledge to control this world.

Now the situations of the girls are somewhere changes with the requirement but, not totally under control. Till maximum numbers of girls are facing a lots of odd situations everywhere in the world. They are not feeling safety to go out side alone at the night. They are demoralized by many squeezed mentality of some persons. Many men are till thought women are only for the household works. Such persons are very harmful for our society as well as for our development.

Our country is developing but,not developed because of half of it’s people are not able to co-operate for the development. If we are able to provide equal educations and equal facilities to the girls,then only we can able to became developed. That’s why women empowerment is vital for our home,for our village,for our society and over all for our country. A lady is educated means a family will get educated and a boy educated means only himself get educated. So, we should provide proper education to our daughters,sisters and our girl child.

For our betterment we should need to send our girls to schools and colleges. They are the future of our country. They can able to handle all type of situations. They have creativity nature that can able to make world beautiful. Respect the women and salute them for their goodness and encourage them as the best service provider of your house. One can’t able to describe all about the goodness of a woman. So, for giving them their due respect the woman day is observed on 8th March every year. Like, share and comment on it. Thanks

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