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NEW in this version of WP Master Developer: WP Crawler Boss Brander

This generator creates the version of the WP Crawler Boss with your branding and the White Label license. It’s a crawler/bot/spider application, which crawls the specified URL, and creates the table of contents with the findings. The findings include:

  • Generator
    The version of the WordPress that the site is running.
  • WordPress Theme
    All the information about the theme: name, description, author, etc.
  • Links
    All the internal and external links on the page.
  • Images
    All the images on the page, with the actual image and the URL to it.
  • Post Content
    The entire content of the post/page is retrieved and displayed using the style of your active theme.
  • Post Content as Plain Text
    The content with the tags removed. That’s how Google and other search spiders see your page.
  • Top 25 Keywords
    The software analyses the page SEO to identify what the page is all about, and displays the top 25 keywords identified.

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